The government has interviewed top officials and is gathering more data in its own investigation.
As Sir Westacott bids farewell to his position as British Ambassador to the U.S. He reflects on his time spent in America, and what he hopes for U.S. - British relations in the future.
The continued French intervention in Mali has helped stem terror's spread across West Africa.
An aide to Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who voted against the measure
Rahman made a frank public admission that the Iraqi Kurdish forces -- hailed as heroes in the West -- could have done better
WASHINGTON -- A December 2014 oil agreement struck between Iraq's central government and the country's autonomous Kurdish
The Iraqi Kurds have retaken nearly all the territory they lost to ISIS. They are also hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees
But the threat from the Islamic State has forced changes in political calculations across the region, and analysts have suggested
"[Dakhil] said that in Yazidi oral history -- it's an oral tradition -- there have been 73 episodes of genocide. But there's