Ames Straw Poll

John McCain, the GOP's nominee in 2008, and onetime favorite Rudy Giuliani opted not to compete for the straw poll, turned
Unfortunately, in practice this type of straw poll simply shows which candidate is willing to spend more on pleasing straw
Doctor No wants you to say, “Yes,” and join him on the road to the White House. Emerging from Cotton, a Manchester restaurant
Yes, Texas governor Rick "The Refrigerator" Perry has joined the race to see who can pander to the Tea Party the most. I've animated some of the actual audio from his announcement in South Carolina on Saturday.
The exclusion of Ron Paul from discussions of Republican front-runners is not a sign of the mainstream media's blindness, but rather of their competence in serving, finally, as an adequate filtering mechanism.
A report by Swenson and fellow ISU economist Liesl Eathington from 2007 (PDF) showed that starting in 1993, Iowa saw a rapid
The MSNBC host said the results of the straw poll had no predictive power because the poll's two front runners bought their
Perry was mobbed by dozens of reporters at the Lincoln Day dinner, his first appearance as a candidate in the leadoff caucus
2011-08-14-Screenshot20110814at7.10.22PM.jpg Editor Toby Harnden posted this Michele Bachmann pornographic fantasy he shot himself in a two-fer piece on the Ames Straw Poll and the Iowa State Fair.
You don't still think CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, plus all the others with less familiar initials, are in the News Business, do you? They -- and all of commercial television -- are in the Advertising Business.