The train had about 147 passengers and 13 crew members onboard, Amtrak's spokesman said.
Instead of spending billions to bail out airlines, advocates argue for a more carbon-friendly pandemic investment: railroad travel.
“The Americans with Disabilities Act has been the law of the land for 30 years,” the senator wrote on Twitter.
Amtrak Coast Starlight Train 11 headed back to Eugene on Tuesday morning after a fallen tree had shut down service since 6 p.m. Sunday.
Taylor Michael Wilson, a white supremacist associated with the National Socialist Movement, was charged under a terrorism-related statute.
Taylor Michael Wilson, a white supremacist, attacked an Amtrak train with 175 passengers aboard.
Aaron Salazar's family said authorities have been looking into the possibility of attempted suicide, but they don't believe he would take his own life.
The train, which had more than 140 passengers and crew on board, was apparently on "the wrong track."
“He comes from a decent family," says the attorney for a Missouri man accused of attempting the armed takeover of an Amtrak train.
A white supremacist has been charged with terrorism, and it has largely gone under the radar.
The Justice Department's handling of the federal terrorism case against Taylor Michael Wilson is indicative of the government's approach to domestic terrorism.
The FBI found weapons hidden in his Missouri home after he pulled the brake on an Amtrak train while armed.
The Amtrak train that crashed Monday was not using a new technology that can stop accidents before they occur.
An Amtrak train carrying 78 passengers and 5 crew members derailed in Washington state.
#IPumpedHere offers an eye-opening look at the struggles many nursing mothers face.