Ana Navarro

“I can’t blame somebody for not supporting my perspective if they have literally never heard it."
It's "really freaky to see," says "The View" co-host of the chilling intimidation tactics.
"The View" co-host and her fellow talk show panelists found the Trump lawyer's defense for his controversial scene laughable.
The CNN commentator also asserts that the first daughter has "broken a law" with the promo.
The longtime Republican strategist called Stone a racist, a misogynist and a jerk.
The news that the president's son will appear on the show on its 5,000th episode did not go down well.
A discussion about the recent whistleblower complaint against Trump got heated when the hosts shared their opinions on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
The senator said people had gone "crazy with their outrage" after Donald Trump attacked four progressive congresswomen.
The CNN commentator flayed fellow Republicans for surrendering their values to Donald Trump.
He later deleted the tweet and said his comment was misinterpreted.