Ana Navarro

The senator said people had gone "crazy with their outrage" after Donald Trump attacked four progressive congresswomen.
The CNN commentator flayed fellow Republicans for surrendering their values to Donald Trump.
He later deleted the tweet and said his comment was misinterpreted.
The political commentator said the president's eldest son was trying to "hold on to the fame of his father" to stay relevant.
The CNN commentator slammed Trump for "downright lies to try to make a political point.”
The singer insulted the comedian while talking about mending our politically divided nation.
Twitter users were quick to recall the Fox News barbs targeting Michelle Obama.
The Republican strategist said that, with names like Oprah and Alec Baldwin being floated, it's clear you don't need to be a politician to become president.
She characterized Wolf’s zings as “publicly calling out” the Trump Administration on “their lies and attacks on the media.”
People will wonder if the strikes were meant at least partly as a distraction from White House scandals, said Rachel Maddow.
The notorious GOP operative said Jake Tapper and Don Lemon should be "punished."
In a wake of Donald Trump’s off the rails rally in Arizona, many are now questioning if he is mentally stable to hold the office of President of the United States.
CNN analyst and GOP strategist slams "Trump's disgusting, unpresidential, narcissistic behavior."
“For too long we have been looking the other way in the face of genocide."