Anderson Cooper

Baby Wyatt Morgan tuned in to see his dad guest host "Jeopardy!"
The CNN anchor showed a map detailing mass shootings in the last month alone, reeling off the killings one by one.
The basketball star condemned former President Donald Trump's racist rhetoric during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.
The CNN anchor reeled off a long list of the former president's COVID-19 failings.
“It’s a little rich," said the CNN anchor.
President Joe Biden offered an optimistic estimated timeline for Americans to move past the coronavirus pandemic.
The CNN anchor doesn't buy McConnell's critique of the former president.
The billionaire said fighting climate change would take dramatic innovation over the next 30 years on a scale unlike any in human history.
The CNN anchor pointed to a meeting between GOP senators and Trump's defense attorneys.
The CNN anchor said he and his former beau "get along really well," but brushed off the notion they'd get back together as a couple.