Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has used his nightly CNN show to go after President Donald Trump for everything from flip-flopping on tax cuts to his “disloyalty” comment about Jewish Americans.
The CNN host said worrying economic signs are being met by chaos in the White House.
The CNN host slammed the president's daughter for keeping silent after Trump's anti-Semitic comments.
The movie director also asked CNN's Anderson Cooper: "Why are we still asking, ‘Is this guy a white supremacist?'"
The CNN host mocked Trump for the different ways he's treated the prime minister of Denmark and the National Rifle Association.
The president named his favorite Fox News hosts and CNN had a laugh over it.
Cooper teased viewers with how his show could begin if the president tried to unite people rather than divide them.
The "Late Show" host opens up about what it means to suffer and what benefit we get from it.
She slammed acting US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli’s comments as "un-American."
The "Late Show" host had Trump on as a guest in 2015 but said that won't happen again.
Chuck Park also blasted the Trump White House’s “sheer managerial incompetence” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.
The CNN host used a montage of former presidents responding to national tragedies to make his point.
While the presidential candidate kept trying to explain "normal human despair," the CNN anchor grilled her about comments related to clinical depression.
Trump, who has yet to invite the U.S. women’s national soccer team to the White House, has been pushing a message that is “excluding people,” Rapinoe said.
CNN host says the president failed to find "the best words" this time.
The CNN host fired back at Trump's claim that detained migrants were "living far better now than where they came from.”
The Democratic presidential candidate also explained why Trump was actually "deadset" on making conditions worse.