Andrew Young

This exclusive clip from HBO's "King in the Wilderness" highlights the complexities of racism in the Northern and Western U.S.
Stefaan G. Verhulst, New York University The modern era is marked by growing faith in the power of data. “Big data”, “open
"And now I get to wade through thousands of photograph negatives, hundreds of hours of raw and produced radio stories, and
It has been over 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King descended on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to give his memorable
Andrew Young wants you not to worry. Despite humankind's failure to solve the problems of poverty, racism and inequality, and the smaller issues that cause us to despair, Young tells his listeners that a benevolent creator has everything under control.
After I was arrested with about 90 other Black college students during my senior year at Spelman College in March 1960 for helping organize and participating in student sit-ins at Atlanta's racially segregated restaurants, I wrote in my diary when I returned to Spelman's campus: "SOMETHING WORTH LIVING AND DYING FOR!"
Architect Phil Freelon, whose Freelon Group recently merged with Perkins+Will, will be heading to Atlanta on June 23 for opening ceremonies centered around the design of his newest civic space: It's the strikingly symbolic National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR).
I see a common theme in the African American community -- a tolerance of the current state. "This system wasn't made for us, that's just how it is," I hear. This mentality permeates through world famous academics, and is widely read in higher education.
Easter was to my mother what Christmas was to me -- the best of the best. When I was old enough to articulate my preference for Christmas, I'd start with the unpleasantness of 'Good Friday.' How could torturing someone to death be the cause for celebration?
In its own way, the HBCU made the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom possible. Today's HBCU must make meaning of its legacy for its students, who must work tirelessly to usher in a better society and more just world.
When asked for a reaction to former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's criticism of Chicago as having some
In an exit interview with the Raleigh News and Observer, Jones revealed one of the more uncomfortable moments of the memorable
Francisco Macias Nguema may not be as notorious as Joseph Stalin, but the people of Equatorial Guinea know him to be just as devastating. After 33 years and a litany of human rights violations, Obiang has grown more conscious of his international reputation.
The African American leadership community in Atlanta has long played a transformative role in the social and political tapestry
It seems like from their interviews jurors were split on the other counts, some leaning towards finding him guilty, others leaning towards acquittal, but the one thing they all agreed on: the evidence was just not there.
After the National Enquirer published a photo of a pregnant Hunter in December 2007, Edwards issued a statement that Young
Hunter currently lives with Frances Quinn, her daughter with Edwards, in Charlotte, N.C., a couple of hours from Edwards
"I wanted proof that I really was taking care of Rielle Hunter," Young testified on Tuesday. Cheri Young, wife of John Edwards
Prosecutors have said Mellon offered under-the-table cash to cover Edwards' personal expenses after the candidate was embarrassed
By Colleen Jenkins "You are interested in getting Mr. Edwards, aren't you?" asked Duncan. Cheri Young noted on Tuesday that