Angela Merkel

From Angela Merkel to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, women in government face a gendered dress code. Here's how women around the world subvert it.
Trump faces a tepid reception as anxiety grows over a global economic showdown and tension over trade, Iran and Russia.
"I firmly distance myself from that, " the German chancellor said of the president's racist attacks on four members of Congress who are women of color.
The former Arkansas governor gets hit with a history lesson on social media.
During Angela Merkel’s speech at the Harvard University commencement, the German chancellor criticized President Donald Trump without even mentioning his name.
The German chancellor criticized “walls” throughout her Harvard University commencement address, a swipe at the president's anti-immigration rhetoric.
When the fan jumped out of her van to take a photo of the German leader at Dortmund airport, she forgot to put the parking brake on, causing the vehicle to collide with the nose of the jet.
The president's daughter-in-law and 2020 campaign adviser called immigration "one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany."
The chancellor pointed out that the German cars most at risk of being deemed a "national security threat" are made in America.
Macron spoke out against the dangers of nationalism, an ideology Trump has openly embraced in recent speeches.
President dodges trip to honor U.S. war dead in France due to weather. Critics show how another leader behaved.
But party sources said Germany's Merkel wants to remain chancellor until 2021, when the next federal election is due.
The Christian Social Union acquired only about 36 percent of the vote, losing its absolute majority.
Trump can’t seem to play nice with any of his peers.
AfD is facing backlash after promising "Islam-free schools."
A fatal stabbing of a German national triggered violent demonstrations in Chemnitz.
President Trump loves to bash America’s allies while praising the world’s despots.
At an unscheduled press briefing, President Trump took credit for fixing a crisis with his allies that he created.
Watch President Trump show zero diplomacy in an astonishing rant at America’s European allies in a tense NATO summit.