Animal Cruelty

“They made absolutely no effort whatsoever,” the Monmouth County SPCA told HuffPost of the owners, who have been charged with animal cruelty.
The action film director vehemently denied that the pigeon or any animal was harmed.
Michelangelo, a 70-year-old African tortoise, was back at his preschool after life-saving surgery.
Residents mourned the death of the popular cubs, who were seen often with their mother.
The company advertises its turkeys as “humanely raised” in a “stress-free environment."
“The Great British Bake Off” judge explained to HuffPost why she wrote about the “traumatic experience” in her new memoir.
The sting operation in multiple counties also yielded 20 arrests, 30 guns and $40,000 in cash, the DOJ said.
Daisy's story took a delightful turn after she was left for dead just a short drive from an animal shelter.
Animal rights activists have long condemned the event as “one of the most offensive” in rodeos.
The U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii said it's investigating and that animal cruelty "is not in keeping with our Army values.”