Ann Coulter

Coulter, a right-wing pundit and former Trump supporter, has officially crossed the line with the president.
“Thank God he has relieved me of any responsibility for what he’s been doing,” said the right-wing scold.
People on Twitter immediately compared the president's comment to the singer's iconic diss.
"If he signs this bill, it's over," the right-wing commentator said about the president's national emergency declaration.
The far-right commentator went after Media Matters' Eric Hananoki after he revealed an ICE senior adviser's appreciation for her.
Ann Coulter called it “the lamest, sappiest, most intentionally tear-jerking” one she’d ever heard.
"Real Time" host Bill Maher asked Coulter when she first realized Trump was "a lying conman."
”There’s no pathway to citizenship, there’s no permanent status here at all,” the vice president said Sunday after some conservatives criticized the plan.
Maybe he can finally get his wall if we "grant citizenship to a BILLION foreigners," she angrily tweets.
"Please tell the President it's OK to open up the government," Rep. Jackie Speier tweeted.
After being cowed by various right-wingers, Trump "wants the fight," not the wall, conservative Charlie Sykes said.
The "conservative blonde woman" was likely a reference to Ann Coulter, who called the president gutless for not building the promised border wall.
The controversial right-wing pundit called Trump "gutless" and the notoriously thin-skinned president apparently couldn't handle it.
"We didn't ask for Iraq's approval to go in," the controversial conservative pundit told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.
Some of the president's most high-profile supporters have suggested the bombs were part of a false flag operation.
One Twitter user wanted to know where all these children are getting their theatrical training.
"The Handmaid's Tale" Season 2, Episode 6 is explosive ― and all about Serena Joy.
"We singles live empty lives of quiet desperation and will die alone," she wrote.
And the deeply troubling, bot-fueled surge of anti-Muslim activity on Twitter over the last year, as revealed by a new report.