Ann Romney

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee says he did not cast a ballot for Donald Trump.
Which other female leaders do you admire and why? These are just a few of the female leaders that I admire. They are smart
Something is wrong, you guys. I've been dosed with... some kind of drug? I didn't realize it until I saw this, from Politico's
Mitt Romney apparently still knows how to throw a punch. Watch clips from the fight in the video. The former Massachusetts
3. He has a passion for work. Here are five of my personal reasons for believing Mitt would be an outstanding president (none
2. On Thursday, President Obama authorized the call-up of military reservists for what reason? a. To attack ISIS in Syria
Regardless of whether he decides to run for president, the Romneys are forging ahead with plans to launch a new research
In early September, Wasserman Schultz spoke on Walker's record on women's issues, saying the governor "has given women the
Federal authorities have charged the McDonnells with 14 counts of corruption and bribery for taking $165,000 in gifts and
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann recently took a few of their 22 grandchildren on a vacation through the American West, a trip documented by Romney in a blog post on Medium.
Romney said he and Ann hiked over 50 miles with five of their grandchildren, ages 10 through 13. The Romneys taught their
Americans love a scapegoat. From Communists to slaves, from LGBT people to those suspected of witchcraft, the venom with which some Americans have shamed and persecuted innocent people is quite beyond the pale.
Mitt Romney, rather than gracefully accepting defeat, continues to let us know he would have been a better president. Ann Romney, too, has expended energy bashing President Obama, ungraciously.
Do you remember any Republicans saying that Mitt Romney's wealth created a "disincentive" for his wife to go out and work, and that this was somehow a bad thing? Of course not.
“Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no," he told the paper. "People are always gracious and say, ‘Oh, you should