Annie Leibovitz

With "all the Black talent ... Vogue couldn't hire a Black photographer to shoot this cover?" asked one in response to the dimly lit pics.
"I believe in forgiveness. I prayed on it," the rapper told Vogue for her cover story.
"A VOGUE COVER!!! — celebrating inclusivity, mothers, pregnancy and love —  is so surreal," Graham wrote on Instagram Friday.
The magazine's first issue under a new editor marks a major shift by showcasing a rising black, openly lesbian female performer.
Mathew Jerrett said he's "so in love" with his wife and daughters.
After The Washington Post canceled its annual Peeps diorama contest, Washington City Paper stepped up.
Misty Copeland and Hillary Clinton are among the subjects in Annie Leibovitz's striking series.
Meet Holly, Willow, Vulcan, Candy and, oh right, Queen Elizabeth II.
At first I was confused by the casual, almost awkward display. Accustomed to the high polish of gallery and museum exhibitions, I initially felt I had stumbled upon the work a little too early, as though it wasn't quite ready for public display. But gradually, "not ready" began to feel more real, more intimate, and flexible.