A giant glacier the size of Guam that broke off Antarctica isn’t worrying scientists as much as it’s amazing them.
An ice shelf the size of New York City "presumably had been there for thousands of years and it’s not ever going to be there again."
The wreck sheds new light on one of history’s greatest survival stories.
The ship is in nearly pristine condition at a depth of almost 2 miles.
Endurance Discovered
The fish nest site, believed to be the largest in the world, is also a dining destination for hungry seals.
Orginally, scientists thought organic compounds in the rock may have been left by living creatures, but the marks were actually caused by salty water.
The Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking protections under the Endangered Species Act. An independent study found that nearly all colonies could be wiped out by 2100.
The Pine Island Glacier's ice shelf in Antarctica acts like a cork in a bottle preventing melting ice mass from flowing into the ocean.
The iceberg, dubbed A-76, is nearly six times the size of New York City.