Anthony Scaramucci

The former White House press secretary said Donald Trump was a “family guy,” like the controversial character.
Information about Donald Trump's state of mind leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection could be critical if any charges are filed against him.
"This is the most money he's ever made," notes Trump's former pal and current critic.
The former White House communications director claimed that in private, the president had said: "Why do I care about my legacy? I’ll be dead."
"Sidney Powell should refuse to concede her position from Trump’s legal team," one critic joked.
The ex-White House communications chief speculated that much of his former boss's strategy in the final days of his presidency comes down to money.
The former White House communications director said Trump's administration had "politicized the health and well-being" of Americans.
It's all going to "come out in a waterfall" ahead of the election, said Trump's short-time director of communications.
President Donald Trump is once against feuding with Anthony Scaramucci, his former White House communications director.
The former White House communications director said the GOP could become "a minority party for a generation" because of Trump.