"A few weeks after his 94th birthday, I opened my laptop and watched him disclose the secrets of his childhood I’d waited decades to hear."
On his show, Tucker Carlson refused to apologize for promoting a white supremacy conspiracy.
The 91-year-old Holocaust survivor said that the former president had "obviously admired Hitler and just copied him with his anti-Semitism."
"This is both a national security problem and a workplace safety problem," said the congressional aide who found the text.
"A neighbor cautioned that I couldn’t be sure what I saw was a Nazi swastika, since it might have been a Hindu symbol. I wanted to claw their eyes out."
Jewish American organizations from across the political spectrum are asking Congress to discipline the House Republican for promoting conspiracy theories.
Six headstones at the Ahavas Israel cemetery in Grand Rapids were tagged in red paint with "TRUMP" and "MAGA" just a day before the election.
After years of looking the other way, Facebook decided its hate speech policy will include a ban on Holocaust denial and distortion.
After Newt Gingrich tried to spread a conspiracy theory about George Soros, multiple Fox News hosts shut him down, leading to an awkward silence.
As the election nears, a new coalition wants to form a “united front” against hate, and against right-wing attempts to co-opt discussions around anti-Semitism.