Regional police have launched an investigation.
The late night host had some pointed words about the controversial rapper’s public outbursts against Jewish people.
In a New York Times op-ed, Claudine Gay said she hopes her resignation "will deny demagogues the opportunity to further weaponize my presidency."
The 13-year-old reportedly shared his intentions to shoot up the members of the Temple Israel synagogue in Ohio on Discord.
Witnesses said Georgia middle school teacher Benjamin Reese threatened to "drag [a student's] a** outside and cut her head off."
Lawmaker Grzegorz Braun called the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah "satanic" after he blasted the menorah and filled the area with white mist and powder.
The school’s governing board reaffirmed its support for Claudine Gay, who came under fire following her comments about antisemitic threats.
The letter asks Harvard's governing body to “resist political pressures” to oust Claudine Gay, who came under fire for her remarks at a congressional hearing.
The sketch mocked both university presidents and politicians involved in Tuesday's congressional hearing about hate speech on college campuses.
Liz Magill, along with other academic leaders, came under fire for comments made at a congressional hearing earlier this week about antisemitism.