Llukalkan aliocranianus appears to have been a top predator in its time, with hearing capabilities potentially exceeding those of similar dinosaurs.
Argentina will be the largest Latin American country to legalize abortion, with repercussions across a continent where the procedure is largely illegal.
Argentina’s Congress will consider a legal abortion bill this week in a vote that could boost reproductive rights movements across the Americas.
The soccer legend World Cup hero, died from a heart attack, his attorney said.
Before becoming pope, Francis supported extending legal protections to gay couples in Argentina. Those comments are now putting the Vatican in a bind.
Paola De Simone, 46, reportedly died during a virtual Zoom lecture for the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires.
President Alberto Fernández promised to make Argentina the largest Latin American country to decriminalize abortion. Then a pandemic hit.
Mara Gómez is currently awaiting the Argentine Soccer Federation’s final decision on whether or not she made the league.
Officials statistics on women’s murders don't match the cases tracked by advocacy groups.
Electricity is almost fully restored as of Sunday evening to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, after what one leader called an "unprecedented" power failure.