Ariel Castro

As a first-generation Cuban-American, I am keenly aware of the emotions that underlie the relations between our two countries. My own family fled Cuba in 1966. Their physical trip from Cuba was an hour-long flight, but the ripple effects of that journey continue to be felt today.
Michelle Knight spent more than 10 years as a victim inside kidnapper Ariel Castro's Cleveland house of horrors. Now her
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Michelle Knight will never again have to face Ariel Castro, the monster who raped, tortured and held her and two other women
It's been almost two years since Michelle Knight was rescued from Ariel Castro's Cleveland home, where she was a prisoner
Dr. Phil conducted an exclusive interview with Ariel Castro's first victim.
Zelich was held in the Walworth County Jail without bond. He was scheduled to appear in court Friday. CASE PHOTOS: (Story
A Florida accountant has been accused of confining three women in his home as sex slaves, prostituting them and posting a video of himself raping at least one of the victims.
Gainesville resident Timothy Deegan, 53, was charged with three counts of human trafficking June 6th, the Gainesville Sun
As America becomes a country plagued by community violence, mass shootings, school shootings and missing children, we must also become a country of nosy neighbors. Vigilance works. It's really up to us.
Kelly Putty talks with Ricky about how she was able to forgive the men who gang raped her.
Eklund did not immediately respond to a request for comment. "Both of these bills deserve to be vetted through the legislative
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Convicted sex offender Elias Acevedo Sr. will serve life in prison as part of a plea agreement in which
People tend to say the darndest things when they're in a tense situation. Brain-to-mouth filters be damned, they speak the
Crime stories dominated the headlines in 2013 like no year in recent history. In the past 12 months we've seen the Boston
Mike takes a look at the top crime stories, including Jodi Arias' tweet denying she threatened to put a hit on a prosecutor, Ariel Castro's death "definitely" ruled a suicide, the "Half-Ton Killer" wanted to die, and smuggling meth in ice cream.
"Train in India Hits Elephants Crossing Track" (NYT, 11/15/13) may be the saddest story reported this year. There have been
Ariel Castro brutalized Michelle Knight physically and emotionally. He would taunt her by saying her family didn't care about her, her family didn't love her. Michelle told Dr. Phil, "It would hurt because I knew my family didn't care.
Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus escaped on May 6 when Berry forced her way out and called for help. Castro later pleaded
The Columbus Dispatch reports: "It is our job to determine cause and manner of death … I don't think anyone outside of the