Regina Romero also called on the self-proclaimed "law and order" candidate to follow the Arizona city's mandatory mask and social distancing requirements.
Still reeling from Republican gains a decade ago, Democrats and their progressive allies are learning from past mistakes in 2020.
“I’m proud to be fighting for Arizona every single day,” the Republican senator said evasively.
Video taken Saturday aboard an Allegiant Air flight from Arizona to Utah shows a man choking another passenger who refused to wear a mask.
An animated anchorman on "Tooning Out the News" asked the controversial sheriff, "Can we look forward to a day where people will take the biggest s**ts imaginable on your grave?”
The plaintiff's lawyers say that the rapper can't legally run as an independent candidate in the state because he's registered as a Republican.
The senator who gave tax cuts to billionaires is "making Marie Antoinette look good," snaps a critic on Twitter.
An incomplete border tunnel intended for smuggling had a ventilation system, water lines, electrical wiring and a rail system, federal officials said.
The surveys, conducted by Data for Progress, argue Democrats in close races should embrace fighting climate change.
"Our building has been completely ruined," the Maricopa County Democratic Party tweeted of the blaze that ripped through its Phoenix headquarters.