Twitter users wondered if the former GOP gubernatorial nominee had ever actually listened to the lyrics of "American Woman" before her Arizona event.
Iren Byers admitted to the killings during questioning, police said.
The failed gubernatorial candidate was called out for "projection" after a wild new claim.
A judge has rejected Kari Lake’s remaining legal claim challenging her loss in the race for Arizona governor.
In addition to the rifle, the child also had ammunition inside his backpack and lunchbox, police in Phoenix said.
The conspiracy theorist's last-ditch court case is off to a rough start, according to an Arizona Republic columnist.
While most other election deniers around the country conceded after losing their races in November, Lake did not.
A motive for the shooting wasn't immediately known and no suspects have been arrested.
Both political parties are not actually twisting the facts about elections, but Sinema's courting Republican voters ahead of her likely reelection bid.
State Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel didn't order the defeated Arizona candidate to cover attorney's fees for Gov. Katie Hobbs.