The Arizona State Senate and the company it hired are now at loggerheads over records the Cyber Ninjas company is not releasing after a court order.
Failed Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai has claimed he invented email and that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a "deep state" operative.
Footage of the incident shows a man accusing Mesquite Elementary School staff of “bullying children and families” by enforcing COVID-19 protocols.
The victim later gave birth to a child fathered by the accused nurse, Nathan Sutherland.
Even so, the final results on the 2020 presidential election recount won't be "worth the paper they're printed on," said Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.
Just because it's a private company doesn't mean Cyber Ninjas can be used to subvert the public records law, the court ruled.
Abortion-rights advocates have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn parts of a new Arizona law set to take effect next month.
Farmers in Arizona and Nevada, along with two Mexican states, will face cutbacks next year in a grim sign of what’s to come as the climate warms.
The turmoil casts even more doubt on the conclusions of what backers describe as a “forensic audit” but what experts and critics say is a deeply flawed, partisan process.