The turmoil casts even more doubt on the conclusions of what backers describe as a “forensic audit” but what experts and critics say is a deeply flawed, partisan process.
A DOJ official said that federal voting rights authorities are keeping a "close eye" on what is going on around the country.
"I cannot be a part of a process [when] I am kept out of critical aspects that make the audit legitimate," said former Arizona secretary of state Ken Bennett.
"Who is going to tell her?" asked one critic after Arizona Republican Wendy Rogers said she liked Robert E. Lee but didn't like "traitors who hate America."
Baier walked through the former president's repeated grievances about the Arizona ballot audit.
The state tried to take the partisanship out of its political maps, but partisans aren’t having it.
The Oversight Committee will look into a "highly unusual" audit seemingly designed to foster conspiracy theories and undermine confidence in elections.
Firefighters working in searing weather struggled to contain a Northern California wildfire that continued to grow and forced the closure of a major highway.
Public records show Trump and his allies repeatedly reached out to Republican election officials in Arizona as they tried to overturn the 2020 election results.