Failed candidate is demanding court throw out certified election results, and she be declared the winner or a new vote held.
The senator's move will do little to change the balance of power in the Senate for 2023. But it could mean a lot after the next presidential election.
The Arizona senator is switching her party affiliation from Democrat to independent.
The Arizona senator's switch to independent may not affect Democrats' thin Senate majority.
Samuel Bateman allegedly punished followers who did not treat him as a prophet, new federal court documents show.
The certification opens a five-day window for formal election challenges and Republican Kari Lake, who lost the race for governor, is expected to file a lawsuit.
Kolbe served in the Arizona Legislature before being elected in 1984 to Congress.
The vote allows the statewide certification to go forward as scheduled on Monday.
Republican country supervisors in Arizona broke the law when they refused to sign off on the vote count by this week’s deadline, judge rules.
"The Late Show" host showed why he thinks the GOP is a bunch of "darling dummies."