The former president hailed Gosar as “a loyal supporter of our America First agenda” and “highly respected in Arizona.”
Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton are continuing their sweet annual meetup after the Arizona grandmother lost her husband to COVID-19 last year.
A "Hail Mary" heave by UC Riverside's JP Moorman just shot down Arizona State.
The former Maricopa County sheriff has faced thousands of lawsuits over controversies such as jail deaths and immigration raids.
Charlie Sykes slammed Texas, Florida and Arizona Republicans for competing in "the most hair-on-fire culture war games.”
The election auditors missed 16,000 votes in a single sample, according to experts analyzing their work — who added that the undertaking was "laughable."
The "Late Show" host says the former guy "really did get tired of winning.”
“They’re in it for the money,” said Republican Grant Woods.
The 24-year-old's clothes, phone and wallet were in his crashed car, which was found abandoned on its side in rough desert terrain.
In Wyoming, where Petito was found, just 18% of cases of missing Indigenous women over the past decade had any media coverage.
Joe Biden's 2020 vote tally actually increased under a Republican-led "audit." But that won't put a stop to the GOP's efforts to conduct similarly absurd reviews.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) caved to pressure from Donald Trump to conduct an audit of the 2020 election results in four Texas counties, even though Trump won the state by 600,000 votes.
The draft also reportedly found that Biden won Maricopa County by a larger margin than official election results showed.
The Arizona State Senate and the company it hired are now at loggerheads over records the Cyber Ninjas company is not releasing after a court order.
Failed Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai has claimed he invented email and that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a "deep state" operative.
Footage of the incident shows a man accusing Mesquite Elementary School staff of “bullying children and families” by enforcing COVID-19 protocols.
The victim later gave birth to a child fathered by the accused nurse, Nathan Sutherland.
Even so, the final results on the 2020 presidential election recount won't be "worth the paper they're printed on," said Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.
Just because it's a private company doesn't mean Cyber Ninjas can be used to subvert the public records law, the court ruled.