The latest storm front was expected to bring more hardship to states that are unaccustomed to such frigid weather before moving into the Northeast on Thursday.
The former White House press secretary announced that she is running for governor in her home state of Arkansas.
The deaths, which are believed to be the result of a domestic incident, are being investigated as a homicide.
Paul Petersen, a Republican who served as an assessor, illegally paid women from the Marshall Islands to come to the U.S. and give up their babies.
The vicious messages on social media site Parler stunned the town's mayor, who condemned Lang Holland's posts.
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the president should be "truthful" and "realistic" about the COVID-19 crisis.
Todd Wright resigned after a local newspaper identified his voice in a recording that went viral earlier this year.
The secretary of state's office has 10 days to verify if they are all from registered Arkansas voters.
Georgia Rodgers said she "couldn’t believe a marble cutting board looked like a penis."
Slavery "was the necessary evil upon which the union was built," the Arkansas senator said in an interview.