A 911 dispatcher in Fort Smith, Arkansas, spent her last day on the job berating a woman stuck in floodwaters.
Women seeking abortion in the state appear to face "an imminent threat to their constitutional rights," the judge said in her grant for an injunction.
Golden, who changed his name to Drew Grant, was 11 when he helped carry out what was then one of the deadliest U.S. school shootings.
U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker granted a 14-day temporary restraining order blocking three new anti-abortion measures from taking effect.
The groups want to block the ban from going into effect on July 24 while a judge reviews the law's constitutionality.
Former Sen. Linda Collins-Smith was found dead outside her Pocahontas home on June 4.
Former GOP State Sen. Linda Collins-Smith was found Tuesday, appearing to have died of a gunshot wound.
Her mother's ex-fiancé claimed the little girl was abducted last month. He has been charged with tampering with evidence.
Tom Cotton, a Republican lawmaker from Arkansas, stood by the president's retaliatory tariffs against China.
Statues of the musical icon and the civil rights hero will be sent to the National Statuary Hall.
Kentucky and Arkansas, where 18,000 people have already lost their health care, were the subject of the lawsuit.
Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a law restricting abortions after 18 weeks of pregnancy.
The Democrat's powerful speech about lethal "self-defense" threats to blacks rocks a state committee.
Michael Sabbie, a 35-year-old father of four, died in a privately run jail on the border of Texas and Arkansas in 2015.
Faulkner County cop Keenan Wallace discharged his service weapon at Reese’s, reportedly shattering the dog’s jaw, during a house call Friday.
He was locked out of his Twitter account for sharing an anti-Muslim tweet — but HuffPost found nearly 20 more instances of Islamophobic posts.
At least 45 other people were hurt when the charter bus crashed roughly 25 miles southwest of Little Rock, authorities said.
Employers will have to pay at least $11 per hour by 2021.
The two ballot initiatives would gradually hike the wage floor to $12 and $11, respectively.
Rep. French Hill (R-Ark.) said he did not endorse the ads, which were paid for by a PAC called Black Americans for the President's Agenda.