Arlington National Cemetery

The late senator picked the historic site overlooking the Severn River, not Arlington National Cemetery, where his father and grandfather were buried.
He suggested "those who died would be very happy" about the economy today.
His plan is to make the next few months the best of his grandma's life.
One thing is clear: “Semper fidelis” has to do with love.
WASHINGTON ― The Army has agreed to place a monument in Arlington National Cemetery honoring the memory of helicopter pilots
This is what to watch for over the next few days as Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.
On June 9, 1954, during one of Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy's infamous anticommunist Congressional witch-hunt sessions, a crusty Boston lawyer, Joseph Welch, had had enough.
"We have to make sure they get everything they have earned -- from good health care to good jobs.
Somber images remind us that this isn't just another day off work.
* * * * * Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and make sure to take a moment to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice