Armchair Detective

Nurses contribute to the criminal justice system every day, but they rarely get recognized for it. A friend who is a nurse, remembering my story, used the Internet to help the police identify an unconscious Jane Doe who landed in her ICU, shaving hours off of notifying her family.
Unbelievably, we have reached the finale of our first season of Major Crimes. And the title of our last episode reflects what many of us thought about our chances of success when we first began this adventure. Amazingly, our audience stuck with us, and so we will be back next year with fifteen brand new stories we hope will serve to intrigue and entertain.
In the next-to-last episode of Major Crimes, our division encounters various criminals gaming the system, and though nearly everyone gets exposed in the end, it's unclear whether cheaters utterly fail to prosper.
Every now and then we put together a show that stands out from the rest of our work and achieves one-of-a-kind status. That would describe this week's offering, "Dismissed with Prejudice."
It is hard to begin these blogs with an apology, but I have missed two of the ten I intended to write, and (though I hate excuses) perhaps I should offer some explanation.
It costs a lot more money to execute a murderer in California than it does to lock them up for life.
The first female detective is generally agreed to have been "G", the hero of "The Female Detective," an 1864 novel soon to
If you are looking for a list of crime novels to take to the beach this summer other than the ones on the bestseller list, here are 11 books to consider.
TV spinoffs are tricky. Sometimes audiences are clamoring for more of a show, making a second series a guaranteed success
Throughout America’s storied history of crime, a handful of particularly unsettling homicides have not only made, but transcended
Cuba Gooding Jr. may be known for playing roles in family-friendly pop soda like "Snow Dogs" and "Jerry Maguire," but he
Sandusky retired in 1999, but kept an office at the school and used its facilities, where there were several reported sightings
People with paranoid-type schizophrenia believe that someone is out to get them, and they are unable to be convinced otherwise
Starting this week the summer brings us the final six episodes of The Closer on TNT. But as this new show goes out a new show comes in
The deaths of Natalie Wood, Princess Diana and--but of course!--Marilyn Monroe--are once again the topic of gossip, rumor and perhaps even some poetry.
It wasn't the first time Brenda had implicated Stroh in an awful crime, but this time her hunch was wrong. Stroh was not
"I certainly think that this last season, these last six episodes, the journey is right," Sedgwick says in the video below
Keep reading for more ... And having lived it, she was probably a good reminder for all of you to make sure your portrayal
Eric McCormack brings a fiesty commitment to this relatively unsurprising Super-Smart Curmudgeon role. His energy and the chugging, unflashy competence of the show make "Perception" watchable, if not a must-see detective hour.
Van der Sloot said he has a history of psychological problems, "which were never taken into consideration," by his previous