Arne Duncan

A “silent majority” is taking back education policy, according to the union chief.
It's difficult to look at oneself objectively, but I see with new eyes the huge advantage I’ve been given by being born white.
“I wanted kids who could be critical thinkers. They just want kids who can work at Walmart and the other big corporations that give them money.”
Screw-ups at the Department of Education could derail Obama's plan to clean up dodgy for-profit colleges.
James Runcie oversees a division that has consistently failed to protect students from allegedly abusive loan contractors and colleges.
His department wants schools to offer a "well-rounded education."
In some places, they opt their kids out of the tests at higher rates than parents of students of color. Here's why some people are trying to change that.
John King Jr.'s nomination only has to go through one more vote.