Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actor came under fire on Twitter after many fans called the gesture “tacky.”
“The Terminator” reboot is rejoining the original squad including actress Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and franchise creator James Cameron.
The actor said the movie hero was "quite rude" on the "End of Days" set.
Bruce Davis, 79, was previously recommended for parole seven times, but those findings were rejected by three consecutive governors.
The “Jurassic World: Dominion” actor told Men’s Health that he fears how his 9-year-old son, Jack, will eventually react to the online furor.
Animal rights activists have long said declawing is inhumane when done solely for the benefit of humans.
Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt is making her famous parents "feel beyond blessed and grateful."
"No one likes to hear something critical of their government," Schwarzenegger said. "But as a longtime friend of the Russian people, I hope that you will hear what I have to say."
The actor and former California governor is fine.