Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former GOP governor had a scathing message for people making a political statement by refusing to wear masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor also shares a 7-year-old son with ex-wife Anna Faris.
Comic legend Mel Brooks and his son Max joined forces to film a PSA urging people to stay inside amid the coronavirus outbreak.
The screen icon and former California governor urged people to remain inside with the help of his miniature pony Whiskey and donkey Lulu.
“The Late Late Show” host told Arnold Schwarzenegger how President Donald Trump’s daughter responded.
Fortunately for Chris Pratt, it seems he's made a good impression on the "Terminator" actor.
The former governor of California explained "the reality" of their feud in a new interview.
"I'm still here," the actor fired back with a dig about Trump's refusal to disclose his tax returns.
The James Cameron-produced sequel, a follow to "T2," also shows the scruffy side of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
At least it didn't mess up his Snapchat.