Artur Davis

The Democrat-turned Republican has had yet another change of heart.
More than five years after Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses and demolished the notion that white voters wouldn’t support
"Never lose sight of the essential difference between the left and right in this country," Davis said. Davis cited Dr. Ben
"The Republican Party is not going to turn into a moderate party, but it's going to have to be a conservative party that
Outside of GOP AA notables like Condoleeza Rice, the big tent at the GOP has been devoid of African-Americans, and the ones they do attract sound identical to the likes of Allen West, Artur Davis and Amy Holmes.
In an interview on Bill Bennett's radio show, Davis, who switched parties in May after representing an Alabama district as
Asked about the letter on Tuesday, Davis said it didn't mean much since nearly two-thirds of the caucus didn't even sign
These residents live a simple lifestyle while the people on the other side of the river are experiencing the time of their
Democrat-turned-Republican Artur Davis addressed the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night. Below, Davis' remarks
On a bright August morning in the quiet waterfront town of Edenton, N.C., Artur Davis, a black former congressman from Alabama