Asian Americans

“Sometimes we need to take a stand to make things better,” the New York state Assemblywoman from lower Manhattan said.
Madeline Barker, 47, is facing hate crime charges after allegedly making anti-Asian remarks and using pepper spray toward people.
Plus, what Asian American therapists say you can do to ensure it doesn't have an outsized effect on your life.
"My appearance confuses everyone, Taiwanese and Americans alike."
Joel Kim Booster and Andrew Ahn discuss making a movie about queer Asian joy, and the Austen adaptations and rom-coms that influenced them.
"Where my childhood had been spent hiding the fact that I was different, joining the sorority allowed me to celebrate being Asian."
“We hope today is one step forward to respecting and understanding each and every one as a valuable person,” BTS vocalist V said.
The former MTV journalist details racist experiences she suppressed at the network, and what she now understands about white supremacy.
"Pageantry is an outlet for our voices to be heard, and to make space in a world that perceives us to be silent and small."
"There’s one thing I see over and over that fills me with an instinctual anxiety," the author said.