Asian Americans

"Was this why I could never shake that lonely gnawing in my belly when I was growing up? Was she the reason?"
Rita Lin, 45, is now the first Chinese American woman to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.
"One moment you’re just a kid, and the next you are a Person of Color."
Veronika Petrova went viral simply for being one.
With “Liquor Store Dreams,” So Yun Um examines racism among Korean people. The film also invites an uncomfortable discussion among Black audiences.
The actor and comedian stars in both “Joy Ride” and “Shortcomings,” in theaters this summer.
For these Asian American women, burlesque provides an avenue to subvert race-based stereotypes that pin them as subservient and docile.
"In America, I am used to being othered because I am not white. But it’s a special kind of alienation to feel othered by your own people."
Ria Montes on her passion for Filipino food and her simultaneous fear of being pigeonholed to that cuisine.
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