Asian Americans

Bee Vang condemned the film's many ethnic slurs, which white audiences often laughed at.
"We are used to minimizing our own pain because we don’t want to rock the boat."
Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, Asian Americans have reported 3,000 hate incidents against them nationwide. Now, seniors are being targeted.
The actor addressed recent attacks against elderly Asian Americans, calling for all people to "help in amplifying the outrage."
Actors Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu and Gemma Chan want the public, authorities and the media to pay more attention to anti-Asian attacks related to COVID-19.
"Kamala is all of us whose names don’t roll off the tongues of white men like Tucker Carlson, David Perdue and others who use our names as punchlines."
While a largely symbolic coronavirus measure, it’s in stark contrast to the actions of Donald Trump, who actively fomented racism against Asian Americans.
Asians have been historically underrepresented at the Oscars and in other major entertainment awards.
Black and Asian Americans are among the most hard-hit communities, but experts are concerned about whether proper resources and information are reaching them.
The Mahjong Line drew flak for glossing over the game's Chinese lineage and for arguing that mahjong needed to be updated for "the stylish masses.”