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Asma Assad

Meanwhile, many of the millions of displaced Syrians are living in dire conditions.
She's rejected offers to leave the country, she said.
Syria has been torn by a bloody conflict between the regime of Bashar Assad and opposition fighters. More than 100,000 people
The event, dubbed 'Mothers Rally', was aimed at raising funds for the mothers of Syrian soldiers killed in fighting with
In a time when his kingdom's walls are crumbling amid a bloody civil war, Syrian President Bashar Assad may be looking to
The European Union has banned Asma from travelling there or shopping from European companies.. (Additional reporting by Michelle
By Michelle Nichols The 15-nation U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday to authorize an initial deployment
For more about the fallout from Asma and Bashar Assad's emails and the details of the new sanctions, head to Telegraph.co.uk
I think Asma Assad has shown us that you can be very pretty, and very thin, and have a really lovely smile, and still know about the kind of courage you have to "screw" to "the sticking place." I think she has reminded us that anyone can do anything if they really try.
That image crumbled when her husband responded to an anti-government rebellion with extreme violence a year ago. Asma had
This time around, the contrast between the situation on the ground and the leaders' shopping habit is even starker. Citizens
Asma Assad was at the center of a new controversy on Friday, days after the Syrian first lady made headlines for her statement
Nesrine Malik, a commentator for The Guardian who calls Asma Assad "one of a breed of educated westernised Arab first wives
A couple weeks ago headlines were made when Syrian First Lady, Asma Al Assad invited the Obamas to Damascus. HuffPost readers