Atlanta, Georgia

An explosion collapsed part of an apartment complex building in suburban Atlanta, leaving at least one person injured.
Coronavirus vaccine supply is extremely limited in much of the world, even as rich countries struggle to administer all their supply.
Robert Aaron Long still faces the death penalty if convicted in four more shooting deaths at Atlanta-area spas.
West held a massive listening session at the stadium Thursday and was seen on social media attending a soccer match over the weekend.
Police officers said they witnessed the outfielder attacking his wife.
Prosecutors say they will also be seeking hate crime charges and the death penalty.
Garrett Rolfe will remain on administrative leave until the criminal charges against him are resolved, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said.
A tornado in Atlanta forced thousands to seek shelter, and one man was killed when a falling tree brought power lines onto his vehicle.
The news crew flagged police, resulting in the man being taken back into custody after a daylong search.
Rep. Park Cannon was arrested March 25 after she knocked on the door to Gov. Brian Kemp’s office while he was speaking about the voting bill.