Atlanta, Georgia

The former Georgia Senator has been pressured to sell after she objected to the league’s initiatives to advocate for racial justice.
Lewis represented the Atlanta area, including much of DeKalb County, for more than three decades.
The NBA legend shared his intention to put together an ownership group for the Atlanta Dream, the WNBA team co-owned by the ousted Republican senator.
Election officials say the Atlanta poll worker in the video spreading on social media didn't crumple or discard a ballot.
"God forbid the mug shot comes out," the rapper said on TikTok.
The project's website?
Previously, the Republican governor sued Atlanta's mayor and City Council to block them from making masks mandatory in the city.
The sophomore was punished after exposing risky conditions at her high school in an Atlanta suburb.
The Georgia Republican, who co-owns the Atlanta Dream, has publicly objected to the basketball league's support of Black Lives Matter.
The Georgia Republican, co-owner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream team, is in conflict with the squad's players.