Atlanta, Georgia

Activists have announced an effort to force a referendum that would allow Atlanta voters to decide whether the construction of the controversial training center should proceed.
The vote comes after months of organizing against the site and hours of public comment asking for the legislation to be rejected.
Dozens of individuals have been arrested and face severe charges in connection to a movement to stop a controversial police training facility in Atlanta.
At least 42 people have been charged with domestic terrorism in connection to the Stop Cop City movement, and one person has been killed.
One woman described the moments after she heard gunshots in the Atlanta medical facility where a shooter killed at least one person Wednesday.
“I shudder to say it, but the truth is ... it’s only a matter of time that this kind of tragedy comes knocking on your door," Sen. Raphael Warnock said.
Police say they have apprehended a man who allegedly opened fire inside the waiting room of an Atlanta medical facility.
Police fatally shot Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, known as Tortuguita, in January.
The festival's "Kokomo City" featured the Atlanta resident, who was reportedly shot dead.
Lawyers representing the family of Manuel Terán previously said the activist's hands were raised when they were fired upon.