The president is suggesting that Elliott Management -- led by GOP megadonor Paul Singer -- violate press freedom at CNN.
The floodgates are open for further corporate consolidation.
The landmark antitrust decision is expected to shake up the media and telecommunications world.
U.S. lawmakers demand details from Novartis and AT&T about their payments to Cohen's firm.
The telecommunications giant's $85 billion merger is currently pending approval from the Justice Department.
The most innocent explanation of the payments to Michael Cohen's LLC is still pretty sketchy.
The arrangement illustrates efforts by the telecom to work with an influential adviser to the new president as his administration took up major industry issues.
We'd like to apologize in advance to HuffPost readers who don't get their internet from Verizon.
Bonuses for workers are smart PR, but they don't mean Republicans' trickle-down fantasies are coming true.
In the future, your internet bill will be even more confusing. But the fight isn't over.
There are people attempting to frame support for a free and open internet as a “leftist” cause. This is despite the fact
The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality protections and consumers will pay the price.
Their union would create one of the largest media monopolies in U.S. history.
Donald Trump attacked the deal on the campaign trail last year.