Attack Ads

The New York congresswoman says Republicans are doing her a favor with the video.
Biden's campaign wants the video taken down. So does Elizabeth Warren's.
The Texas Democrat addresses health care, education and immigration in ads slamming Cruz's policies.
Pennsylvania’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is facing criticism after issuing a graphic threat against Democratic incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf.
Democrats are questioning the eligibility of progressive underdog Abdul El-Sayed, who would be the first Muslim state leader in the U.S.
Who knew post-election campaigning was a thing? "SNL," apparently.
“I characterize this stage of the race like trench warfare,” says a Virginia politics watcher.
We break down the major headlines on the multiple probes into whether President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.
So much for party unity in a time of peril.
By Sara Swann Nineteen candidates are contesting tomorrow’s primary for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat as U.S. Senator
John McCain is still sleeping on the couch to me. But after Friday, I may give him a pillow and a blanket.