Aurora Shooting

The U.S. military cautioned service members on the potential for mass shooters at screenings of the "Joker" movie following extremist posts on social media.
"It took me several times reading it for it to hit me that it was for real," Terra Pinkard said of the text from husband Josh Pinkard.
Chelsea Sobolik, 29, Fort Collins, Colorado. Aurora theater shooting, July 20, 2012. Chelsea Sobolik had just come off a
Americans who live through mass shootings often need extensive mental health treatment. Charity can't pay for it all.
This is after the US Senate could not even agree on banning gun purchases for anyone on the terrorism watch list in the wake
The Senate's failure to impose the bare minimum gun safety measures is unconscionable and I will do my best to remove these cowards from office for dereliction of duty.
That's why the NRA arranged for the government to stop studying gun violence altogether. Forget that children are 11 times
"That's the kind of reckless language that creates division, it doesn't bring people together."
Jurors ruled in favor of Cinemark USA Inc in the lawsuit filed by more than two dozen surviving victims and relatives of the dead, court spokesman Rob McCallum said on Twitter.
Guns. Where to begin? The very word is loaded, pun intended. There is always a why, a reason, for even to the most horrific, mind-boggling and seemingly senseless of situations. Even when it's the murder of 20 small children in Newtown, Connecticut a few weeks before Christmas, 2012.