Kathleen Folbigg was serving a 30-year prison sentence that was to expire in 2033. She would have become eligible for parole in 2028.
The 51-year-old man said he initially “thought it was a shark.”
Local community members have criticized the use of force against the 95-pound woman in New South Wales.
Officers in Australia stunned the woman as she approached them in a nursing home using a walker. She was hospitalized after hitting her head on the floor.
Just in time for the summer dining season, the U.S. government has given its blessing to restaurants that want to allow pet dogs in their outdoor spaces.
“I’m just sitting there thinking, what am I going to do, how am I going to survive this?” Lillian Ip told reporters. “I was about to give up.”
The wreck of the Montevideo Maru was located after a 12-day search at a depth of over 13,120 feet off Luzon island in the South China Sea.
Police say the suspect allowed shoppers to pet the animal, a member of a threatened species.
The giant meatball was made of lab-grown cultured meat using the genetic sequence from the long-extinct pachyderm.
Just when things can't get any worse, they do.