President Emmanuel Macron will speak with President Joe Biden after a major crisis erupted between France and the U.S. over a submarine deal with Australia.
The late night host turned one of the GOP's favorite talking points right back at them.
Entomologist Bryan Lessard hopes to draw attention to the underappreciated insects and inspire young LGBTQ science-lovers.
The president said that the new security alliance with Britain and Australia, called AUKUS, will allow for greater sharing of defense capabilities.
The short video shows the last thylacine, Benjamin, in an enclosure in Hobart before he died in 1936.
The duck-billed, egg-laying monotremes could live in the Royal National Park by late 2022 if all goes as planned.
A witness said it was the first shark attack in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, that he and other locals knew of.
Ben Jackson was unable to attend his beloved Auntie Deb's funeral due to pandemic restrictions.
One of the female dogs had reportedly just given birth to a litter of puppies.