Scott Johnson, 27, appears to have been forced off the cliff, which was known as a meetup place for gay men.
Lawmakers in Europe's most populated country to prohibit the medically denounced practice, but stopped short of an outright ban.
“I will be calling on Australians to do it, frankly, as a matter of national service," the country's prime minister said of the effort to rein in the coronavirus.
The country will begin Monday to ease its way out of a strict lockdown. But leader Jacinda Ardern warned the fight against the coronavirus had not yet ended.
The actor told Corona De Vries, 8, “I thought this typewriter would suit you... Ask a grown-up how it works. And use it to write me back.”
On the eve on Anzac Day, Henry Lunney reflects on surviving the Great Depression, World War II and the deadly coronavirus.
Police in South Australia observed a lone kangaroo hopping down a deserted street.
Hanks and Wilson were both diagnosed with COVID-19 while in Australia.
The country's efforts to flatten the curve have worked so far, and testing is now widely available for many Australians with symptoms linked to COVID-19.
'Today the gloves come off... we are going to police this.'