"This ranks as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history,” said Dermot O'Gorman, CEO of WWF Australia.
Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton called the breach of the stay-at-home order "ridiculous," adding, "that birthday party is costing them."
The actor told a British court on Wednesday that he never assaulted his ex-wife during a drug-fueled rampage in Australia.
Coronavirus outbreaks in Australia and Europe highlight how the shift from broad national restrictions to specific local lockdowns hits poor communities hardest.
A government-backed report said the iconic species is threatened by ongoing habitat loss and may disappear without "urgent" intervention.
Officials praised heroic fellow surfers who fought the shark and tried to save the victim.
If global warming trends continue, the Great Barrier Reef will be destroyed.
The prosecution did not prove the man intended to intimidate when he messed up a client's address, the judge ruled.
Scott Johnson, 27, appears to have been forced off the cliff, which was known as a meetup place for gay men.
Lawmakers in Europe's most populated country to prohibit the medically denounced practice, but stopped short of an outright ban.