“If you’re surprised by this, you haven’t been paying attention," a coral reef scientist said.
Peabody Energy and other mining giants are facing explosive allegations that they lied about the quality of their coal in order to boost profits.
When Tara and Arlia got engaged, no wedding magazine represented them. So they created their own.
A young bar-tailed godwit appears to have set a non-stop distance record for migratory birds by flying at least 8,435 miles.
The Socceroos were the first team to issue a unified statement against the host country's mistreatment of LGBTQ people and migrant workers.
Lawmakers also spoke about the link between the monarchy and colonization.
Nearly 500 whales beached two years ago in the same Tasmania harbor in the largest mass-stranding in Australia’s history. Rescue efforts resumed Thursday.
Police said they shot the animal dead because it was preventing paramedics from reaching the wounded man.
Two mad marsupials went at it in a Canberra nature reserve.
"This is one of those scandals that's like, is this a scandal? No, because I’m outraged, but I’m also kind of impressed."