Pastures are not "petting zoos," and getting intimate with cows can have "serious consequences," warned Austria's tourism minister about a weird app stunt.
Head of Austria's Identitarian Movement said in a YouTube video he had received a donation from the mosque attacker.
Martin Sellner, head of the Identitarian Movement of Austria, said his apartment was searched and electronic devices seized.
President Donald hurled scathing insults at former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but ignored reports that McCabe briefed top Republican lawmakers on the investigation into him.
Nicole Kopaunik and Daniela Paier had reportedly been engaged for four years before tying the knot.
This all-male cheerleading squad is challenging gender norms.
Kristallnacht, known as “the night of broken glass” occured 80 years ago throughout Germany and Austria.
A shocking interview with a far-right propaganda site offers the clearest look yet at the congressman's racist ideology.
The man said he was being persecuted in his home country for his sexual orientation.
Public housing is the accommodation of last resort in the U.S. Not so in Austria's capital city.
Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is cracking down on foreign-funded Muslim groups.
Austrian Muslims called the move "patronizing" -- especially since most girls don't wear hijabs until puberty.
Video shows the athlete landing flat on his back after a jump.
The vote is set to also push the far-right into government.
We can choose to act against intolerance and bigotry.