Ayla Reynolds

Despite conceding that Ayla is likely dead, police continue what has amounted to the biggest missing child investigation
In an attempt to pressure authorities, Trista Reynolds announced that she will release details which point to Justin DePietro
"This isn't 'CSI' where everything is solved in 60 minutes. Some cases require a great deal of time and effort," he said
"Trucker TV" could reach thousands of long-haul truck drivers, the very folks who travel the same roads and stop at the same rest areas where missing and exploited children often happen to be.
"I think about her every day, more and more," Reynolds said. "I just wonder if she is coming home to me. My mind never stops
LostNMissing Inc. and Ayla's maternal family will be sponsoring a birthday vigil for her on April 4, from 6:00 p.m. to 7
Any individual with information regarding Ayla's whereabouts is asked to call the Waterville Police Department at 207-680
Reynolds' father Justin DiPietro reported the 20-month-old girl missing just before 9 a.m., on Dec. 17, 2011. DiPietro told
"DHHS just didn't do their job," Reynolds told newspaper. "I think if they checked up on Ayla, we wouldn't be where we are
A teenage confessed to vandalizing the home of missing 2-year-old Ayla Reynolds, according to an announcement from the Waterville
Linnell is also a member of the missing child's extended family. As the nearly 2-month long search continues, interested
The uncle of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds was arrested on Monday for allegedly attacking a relative who bad-mouthed the
DiPietro got custody of the girl when Trista entered rehab for substance abuse, according to The AP. Ayla disappeared the
Trista Reynolds also questioned DiPietro's parenting prior to the disappearance of their daughter. "I have to believe that
"We need more than just us," he told reporters. "We need the help of the general public out there." "There are two possibilities