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Ayman Nour

Thousands of Egyptians gathered at Cairo's Tahrir Square on Wednesday to celebrate the first anniversary of the country's
Mr. Mubarak is of course absolutely correct. Under his reign, Egypt has accomplished a lot! Now, whether or not these achievements
Egyptians have no Martin Luther King or Islamic Gandhi and they are caught between jihadi confessional movements and regimes supported by security structures. But there could be a third solution based on democratic rights.
The old social contract between rulers and their subjects has been torn to shreds. Will the demonstrators be able to keep up the momentum?
It's incredible, really. Cairo is burning and the President of the United States can't bring himself to talk about democracy in Egypt, or the Middle East more broadly.
The Egyptian people have decided to communicate directly with the oppressive regime to demonstrate that they want the regime out.
A security source who questioned the man, Abdouh Abdel Moneim, aged about 50, said he suffered only light injuries because
Mr. Ghali's claims are based on macro-economic reforms that won't impact the standards of living of most Egyptians unless
For as long as I remember, Ayman Nour has always had his most candid critics from Cairo's elites: White-collar writers, thinkers, business people and professionals.
Mamoun al-Bassiouni, in an unusually critical article for pro-governmental daily Rose Al-Youssef, writes: The people of Alexandria
Ayman Nour and others filed complaints with Egypt's General Attorney against parliament members for instigating murder of innocent Egyptian Citizens.
Searching for a way to voice their anger at the continued brutality by the police, one Facebook fan noted, Posted Saturday
Will Smith's upcoming movie sheds light on long forgotten Egyptian history. If you want to know the true story of the Last Pharaoh of Egypt, you'd better pay attention to what's going on in Egypt today and in the near future.
Over 300 millions of Arabs suffer the lack of a Martin Luther Al-King and they are caught between jihads confessional movements and regimes supported by security structures. They must be shown a 3rd option.
Last night, several Egyptian Activists and bloggers were arrested while spraying graffiti banners promoting El Baradei. But their real crime is that they are trying to summon a spirit that is evil in the eyes of the current regime.
Sons of big name political leaders have been making the news this week from Europe to Africa. In France, President Nicolas
When pro-democracy leaders in Egypt start sounding nostalgic for George W. Bush, you might suspect that something is amiss given only 22% of Egyptians had a favorable view of the US by the end of his presidency.
Speechwriter Matt Latimer's new book trains its gaze on the lunacy of the late-era Bush White House. And there was plenty
These and many other counts of corruption and abuse of power have managed to give "liberal" policies a bad name amongst Egyptians, who now think that Liberalism is equal to nepotism.