Baby Lisa

Authorities in Europe are holding a young girl who law enforcement officials say could be a child missing from the U.S. or another country.
Irwin's case garnered national media attention in the weeks and months following her disappearance. Authorities in Europe
It's a tragic when a person, adult or child, suddenly disappears. Often, the case gets immediate attention from the public
Since the disappearance, Irwin's parents have been on plenty of news and talk shows, including "Dr. Phil," in their search
Deborah Bradly and Jeremy Irwin told KCTV that their 10-month-old daughter, Lisa Irwin, is closer than ever to being found
A lawyer for the parents later criticized the police for the lack of leads in the case. On another occasion, an attorney
A record of the call identified the intended recipient as Megan Wright, who says she doesn't know Bradley or Irwin. Wright
4:30 p.m. The 10-month-old's mother, Deborah Bradley, and her brother, Phillip Netz, head to a supermarket to buy baby food
As I've watched the drama unfold surrounding 11-month old Lisa Irwin, who vanished overnight on Oct. 3, my thoughts have turned to an eerily similar case.
In her time on the case, Short represented Deborah Bradley, 25 and Jeremy Irwin 29 for free. Irwin claims he came home late