A cornerstone of the Trump administration’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace, involving a restructuring of relations
Expats say this is where work life, finances and personal happiness peak.
The doll is designed to help Muslim girls learn the Quran while they play.
The campaign against an impoverished minority Shiite community worsens sectarian divides and undercuts Saudi claims of responsible regional leadership.
Yesterday’s letter from the Board of Directors to the staff of Bahrain’s only independent newspaper Al Wasat was a heavy
Repressive regimes think if they shut human right defenders in jail they will put and end to their work. They are wrong. A
Multilateral diplomatic divorces of this nature are not something that occur haphazardly.
Torture in custody in Bahrain has been a chronic problem for many years.
The president's first trip abroad also appears to have sparked crackdowns in Bahrain and Egypt.
The clip is only a minute and a half, but the White House video of President Trump meeting the king of Bahrain last week
Trump's embrace of authoritarian leaders may be giving free rein to government repression.