At least 16 Muslim worshipers were killed and dozens more injured after a pipeline exploded near Baitus Salat Jame Mosque at Narayanganj.
Authorities warned that Cyclone Amphan could wreck densely populated regions that are home to some of the most vulnerable communities in South Asia.
Over 1 million displaced Rohingya and the Bangladeshi community hosting them are vulnerable, and humanitarian groups helping the refugees face increasing restrictions.
Twitter critics called BS after the secretary of state indicated Mary Louise Kelly misidentified Bangladesh as Ukraine in the president's map challenge.
International Criminal Court prosecutors will examine alleged crimes against Rohingya Muslims, but weren't authorized to investigate the accusation of genocide.
The Bangladeshi 18-year-old told police her school principal had repeatedly touched her inappropriately.
The 20-year-old Bangladeshi mother didn't realize she was still pregnant — and had two uteruses.
Some of the 50 people injured were critically burned.
The thousands of young demonstrators faced tear gas and clubs while demanding safer streets in Dhaka.
Elephants have killed an estimated 13 Rohingya in Bangladesh's largest refugee camp.