Barack Obama

Pete Souza shared an old picture of the Obamas walking to St. John's Church. It's in stark contrast to Trump's latest photo-op.
The former president took the mic in a town hall meeting to commend protesters, drawing a sharp contrast with his successor Donald Trump.
Aides said Obama will call for turning the protests over Floyd’s death into policy change.
"If we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both," wrote the former president.
A decade after the Obamacare debate, COVID-19 reveals who really cares about the sick and the elderly.
The former first lady responded to the death of George Floyd with an Instagram post about rooting out racism.
The former president said he feels the same anguish that millions of others do over the killing of another unarmed Black man.
The Texas senator's attempt to help spread Trump's favorite conspiracy theory quickly fell apart.
Joe Biden’s campaign ripped President Donald Trump for golfing as the coronavirus death toll rises.