Barack Obama

Joe Biden’s campaign ripped President Donald Trump for golfing as the coronavirus death toll rises.
The newspaper's editorial board just wiped out Trump's favorite talking point.
Trump, who has frequently criticized Obama for playing golf while in office, complained that the media makes golfing "sound like a mortal sin."
Trump golfed twice over the weekend as the coronavirus death toll in the United States approached 100,000.
Kayleigh McEnany was talking about Barack Obama, not Donald Trump. And she was referring to the death of journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002, when Obama was an Illinois state senator.
Obama should give up golf while president to "really focus on the job," Trump scolded.
This is the first time President Trump has played golf since he declared the coronavirus a national emergency.
"He was the loveliest," the daughter of former President George W. Bush said of Wilson Roosevelt Jerman. "We loved him."
OSHA’s general guidance plainly says the safety recommendations are advisory and “not a standard or regulation."
Wilson Roosevelt Jerman worked with every president from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama during his 55-year career.