Barack Obama

"The principle of universal coverage has been established," the former president said following the decision.
Twitter users pointed out the utter hypocrisy of the Fox News personality's criticism of the former president.
Barack Obama explained “why we have to worry” about the Republican Party embracing Donald Trump’s election lies.
Establishment Republican thinking today would have been "unacceptable even five years ago," the former president said.
GOP voter restriction laws are the “kind of dangerous behavior that we’re going to have to push back on," said the former president.
The former president spoke with The New York Times about dissuading Republicans from the GOP's right-wing, anti-democratic efforts across the U.S.
"They could say whatever they wanted so long as there was no imminent threat of harm," Evy Poumpouras said of the racism leveled at the former first lady.
"The Late Show" host mimicked Obama allegedly slamming his successor as a "f**king lunatic," as reported in Edward-Isaac Dovere's upcoming book.
No Biden staffers who signed a letter regretting Obama's Yemen policy would say on the record how the administration's support of Israel's bombardment is different.
“He ended up being sort of a bond for the whole family.” Former President Barack Obama reflected on how much their beloved dog Bo meant to them.