Barack Obama

The conservative network started the trend and it's been turbocharged by social media, the former president told "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah.
Video of the encounter quickly spread online, garnering international news coverage.
Virginia McLaurin Talks About Her Trip To The White House
106-year-old Virginia McLaurin visits the Obamas at the White House
A memorial in Newtown to the 20 first graders and six educators who were killed has opened to the public, a month before the massacre's 10th anniversary.
A $100,000 reward is being offered to track down those responsible for the hate crime.
Swing-state Pennsylvania is the stage for a clash of presidents ahead of the state's pivotal midterm elections.
The Georgia Republican has either played basketball with the former president or never met him at all.
“If we hadn’t just elected someone whose main qualification was being on TV, you could see maybe giving it a shot,” Obama slammed former local news anchor Lake.
The GOP Senate nominee in Georgia made the bold challenge on "Fox & Friends."