Barack Obama

The Arkansas senator blocked Barack Obama's pick in 2016 because he claimed to believe then that voters should first choose their next president.
The Biden campaign clip showed how Trump "is the worst jobs president in recorded history."
The former president mourned the Supreme Court justice, who died Friday of pancreatic cancer at age 87.
Some even threatened to expand the nine-member high court if Democrats win control of the Senate and White House.
"A Promised Land," to be released Nov. 17, weighs in at a whopping 768 pages. Obama said it's "a fun and informative read."
"Operation Find Obama’s Finsta commences now," one Twitter user responded to the former president's claim of having a fake account.
"I believe it’s solely predicated on the fact that Barack Obama is Black," the president's former fixer said in a TV interview.
During a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada, President Donald Trump led the crowd to chant “lock him up” against former President Barack Obama.
The president egged on supporters and repeated his baseless claim that the former president "spied" on his campaign.
The president's former attorney also told NBC's Lester Holt about Trump's attacks on Barack Obama and South Africa.