Barack Obama

The final presidential debate of the election season gave late night hosts like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon a lot to laugh about.
Both presidential candidates have built massive legal operations readying for a bitterly disputed race that may land at the Supreme Court.
The former president gives the right-wing network a scathing reminder of its own hypocrisy.
“It's ‘hope and change’ versus ‘grope and strange,'" said "The Late Show" comedian.
The former president said his successor emboldens people to be cruel, divisive and racist.
“We literally left the White House a pandemic playbook,” the former president said.
Viewers were reminded of the former president's warmth in the film, which premiered Friday.
The former president pitched Biden’s leadership, railed against the spread of QAnon and lambasted Trump’s efforts to undermine foreign policy.
A federal investigation into the Obama administration’s “unmasking” of names in classified intelligence reports has ended, and no wrongdoing has been found.
The “unmasking” of names in classified documents is a common practice that allows government officials to better understand what they’re reading