Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama is the latest high-profile Democrat to appear in an ad to oppose the Republican-led recall election to oust Gov. Gavin Newson.
The former president joins Vice President Kamala Harris and other high-profile Democrats in stumping for Gov. Gavin Newsom.
The curmudgeonly comedian said that Obama’s assistant probably found his reaction “insane.”
The Ohio lawmaker received a quick reminder about his own history.
The party, which reportedly initially had some 475 invitees, was downsized due to delta variant concerns. But it's not clear what that means.
Others suggested Barack Obama's special day could have been behind the president's sartorial choice.
The former president has opened up about his experience parenting Malia and Sasha.
Days before he was set to throw a massive 60th birthday party, ex-President Barack Obama has scaled back the celebration due to rising coronavirus concerns.
The party has been "significantly" scaled back for only family and close friends.
The former president has drawn criticism for a large party to be overseen by a "COVID coordinator."