Barack Obama

Viewers were reminded of the former president's warmth in the film, which premiered Friday.
The former president pitched Biden’s leadership, railed against the spread of QAnon and lambasted Trump’s efforts to undermine foreign policy.
A federal investigation into the Obama administration’s “unmasking” of names in classified intelligence reports has ended, and no wrongdoing has been found.
The “unmasking” of names in classified documents is a common practice that allows government officials to better understand what they’re reading
"Proud of all the NBA and WNBA teams ... using their platforms to take a stand for racial justice," the former president wrote after the LA team's NBA championship.
Americans gave the last president positive marks for handling the swine flu — and, in retrospect, for the Affordable Care Act.
“I miss you and love you all,” wrote Pete Souza in the message of support.
Climate change has been a topic of presidential (and vice presidential) debate for decades yet, it seems the same basic points are being litigated in 2020.
The president's gripe rings hollow in light of revelations he paid almost nothing in federal income taxes.
Donald Trump places 15th in the survey, trailing Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Dalai Lama and Vladimir Putin.