Barack Obama

"He had a gift for giving voice to our joys and our sorrows," the former first lady wrote on Twitter.
The former president urged voters to "demand better of our government."
Barack Obama was one of the 50,000 people who tuned in to the Instagram Live.
President Donald Trump is still blaming his predecessor, Barack Obama, for his own administration’s fumbled response to the coronavirus pandemic.
The president has been in office for three years and two months, but still blames his predecessor for his own administration’s lagging response to the coronavirus pandemic.
The former president amplified the story of an epidemiologist who tweeted that her physician husband is isolating himself to protect their children.
Bernie Sanders put the former vice president on the defensive concerning the issue in Sunday's debate.
The right-wing news network handled Obama's response to the Ebola crisis very differently.
Andrew Napolitano suggested Barack Obama's vice president may "do something off the wall."
The president's 2012 post came back to haunt him after he announced Mark Meadows would replace Mick Mulvaney in the role.
The difference between how world leaders and President Donald Trump have responded to the Coronavirus outbreak couldn’t be more different.
Ronald Klain accused Trump of focusing on the wrong things when it came to the coronavirus outbreak.
After a Senate seat win in 2018, Democrats hope the anti-Trump wave will deliver the state to their party in November.
“Feel the Bern," Obama says in the ad, released a day after his former vice president Joe Biden got a massive boost in the Democratic primary.
The music icon warned in a searing new column that "America could be extinguished" if Trump wins the 2020 election.
After a victory in S.C. and Pete Buttigieg's departure, Joe Biden claimed a trove of new Democratic backers.
Ronald Klain said there is a “crisis of both confidence and competence."
"The Jesus Rolls" actor recalled on "The Late Show" that he had a role in Barack and Michelle Obama's first date.
Former Vice President and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden is in attack mode as he fights to win the South Carolina primary.
"I think this is a particularly heinous moment in American history with Donald Trump," Walter Koenig said.