Barack Obama

A new book says that Biden thought Obama needed to say the phrase with "the right elongation of vowels and the necessary hardness of his consonants."
Chris Christie called out his GOP presidential rival as an "amateur" after he recycled the line at the Republican debate.
Tafari Campbell's body was recovered from Edgartown Great Pond last month after he went missing while paddle boarding.
Authorities found the victim’s body by “deploying side-scan sonars” from a boat.
The former president warned that the censorship is antithetical to First Amendment freedoms and thanked librarians working "on the front lines."
The activist and political leader said he's resigning as president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the Chicago-based civil rights group he founded in 1971.
A judge ordered pretrial detention for Taylor Taranto, who is also a defendant in the U.S. Capitol insurrection, stating that he presents too much of a danger.
"This is the problem with someone who doesn't think about this country and its citizens first," the former New Jersey governor said.
Taylor Taranto, who prosecutors say participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection, allegedly kept firearms and ammunition inside a van he was living in.
Some love the fact that the "Swarm" writer has the most patriotic birthday possible 🇺🇸