Barbara Walters

“F**k that!” the co-host said backstage in 2006 after a heated exchange with Barbara Walters on-air.
"Ladies Who Punch" details some of the never-reported scandals that plagued the hit TV talk show.
In “Ladies Who Punch,” Ramin Setoodeh’s new book about “The View,” McCarthy didn’t hold back on the broadcast legend.
The View turns 20 on Friday and even if that doesn’t make it old enough to legally drink in most places, let’s raise a toast
The conspiracy theorist posted a secretly recorded chat with Kelly ahead of the broadcast of their NBC interview.
Blaine: I'm saying it because it's true. Inside of us, we both know you belong with Victor. You're part of his work, the
The debate was held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in the Helen Bader Concert Hall at the Helen Zelazo Center
It seems that this has been the year of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump being in second place in several venues. He is the Avis of political candidates. And Trump certainly tries harder. In fact, I find him to be one of the most trying people on the planet.
Jenner edges out Amy Schumer, Bradley Cooper and Donald Trump.
Every year as the year comes to a close, Barbara Walters presents her "10 Most Fascinating People" special, and as usual there are easy choices and some more shocking picks. You can tune into tonight's special on ABC to see if you chose right.
New York
Here lies Trump Tower--monument to economic inequality, installation of the rich, ever reminding us that some buy high and lay low, while others shiver in the streets. Never mind America, Don--try making Trump Tower great again instead.
Despite their different political beliefs, Barbara Walters says every sitting president she has interviewed shares one similarity.