Kanghua Ren, known online as ReSet, was sentenced Friday in Barcelona after filming himself offering a homeless man an Oreo cookie filled with toothpaste.
The singer was exiting her hotel when an overeager fan crossed some serious boundaries.
Spaniards go to the polls on Sunday for the country's most highly polarized vote in decades.
Prosecutors allege the Colombian "Hips Don't Lie" singer failed to pay $16.3 million in taxes.
Sierd de Vos was a one-man sound-effects machine during the Barcelona-Tottenham match.
After all the festivities of December follows the inevitable holiday funk. Come mid-January, a magical European traipse sounds
It's one of the biggest pro-unity rallies amid Catalonia's independence crisis.
The government voted to strip Catalonia of its autonomy less than an hour after the region declared independence.
Catalonia declared independence on Friday. Minutes later, Spain imposed direct rule.
Carles Puigdemont said he had not received enough guarantees that the move would stop Spain imposing direct rule.
The news and the blues seem synonymous these days. 1. After days of shortage, fuel has finally arrived in Puerto Rico. The
Metro stations were closed in Barcleona as state workers walked out across Catalonia.
The inside of a F-14 tomcat cockpit is not that much different than the workplace. And Carey Lohrenz would know. The country’s
Authorities say more than 460 people have been injured.
The autonomous state is set to hold an secession vote on Sunday, which Madrid has deemed “illegal and undemocratic.”
So, how do we that? how do we start to change the politics of urban sustainability and resilience in a way that we see different