Bashar al-Assad

The U.N. and Syrian government agreed to temporarily authorize more border crossings into the rebel enclave devastated by the regions deadly earthquake.
Syrians who survived the six-month-long attack on Aleppo in 2016 are watching in shock as Ukrainians face familiar horrors.
The conspiracy-endorsing Colorado Republican was mocked for a post about Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and Biden's approval rating.
A half century after Hafez Assad launched a bloodless coup in Syria, his family still rules the country.
The president is campaigning as a peacemaker, and last week ran Facebook ads bragging about his nomination for the "Noble Peace Prize."
The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said Syria used the chemical weapons sarin and chlorine in a series of attacks in 2017.
The Syrian government began deploying on Monday in a major victory for President Bashar al-Assad and his principal ally Russia.
The 2020 Democratic presidential contender said she wants to stop politicians from “fighting in these wasteful regime-change wars."
Roughly 7,000 Syrians will retain legal status in the U.S. for another 18 months.
The State Department said Washington would "respond quickly and appropriately" if Assad was found to have launched a chemical weapon attack.