Ben Silverman

Morgenson lays out the numbers clearly and simply: Long-term shareholders, those who want to see an enterprise grow for decades
"King Of Queens" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" writer Nick Bakay is scripting the pilot with Simpson's father Joe and Ben Silverman
Was it a PR move after their new drama The Playboy Club became the first show axed this season? Or was it because NBC had essentially put its reputation on the line for Whitney and refused to accept anything less than praise?
As always in the entertainment industry, business is business -- and so, Ben Silverman is back in business with NBC. Elle
Ben Silverman's Electus, formed last year following the executive's much-maligned tenure at NBC, has emerged as a deal-making
Ben Silverman is back at NBC. The producer and former NBC co-chair has sold a comedy pitch to his former network. Read more
The former NBC entertainment chief, who now runs IAC-backed production outfit Electus, was mocked in a clip of a fake show
Ben Silverman is back in business with his old pals. Silverman's recently launched Electus, part of Barry Diller's IAC, and
He may no longer rule the roost at the Peacock, but Ben Silverman will use the keynote at this year's MIPTV to introduce
Photographs of the storied clients that Rachel Uchitel's attorney has represented over the years. Additional pictures of
Former NBC Entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman is en gaged to his beautiful blond girl friend, Jennifer Cuoco. Silverman
IAC is considering throwing CollegeHumor, in addition to cash, into Ben Silverman's nascent branded-entertainment company
Jordan Hoffner, the head of content partnerships for YouTube, is leaving the company, and joining Ben Silverman's new content
Watch Madoff's former prison friend describe his impressions below: The Wall Street Journal passes along this video profile
Only Ben Silverman could parlay a two-year hitless streak as NBC's chief programmer into a new gig that gives him total control
The upfronts aren't as bad as predicted, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios co-chairman Ben Silverman said Wednesday
Verizon reported a 21% decrease in profits for the quarter and is set to cut an additional 8,000 jobs. The communications
A major milestone was reached this week in television. The event passed quietly without an e-mail pronouncement from NBC
The last straw has to be Patti Blagojevich, likening Janice Dickinson and her kleptomania to an opponent her husband once faced in an election.
I've had to really examine my need to write about the finale of The Hills before actually putting pen to paper.