Benjamin Netanyahu

The Palestinian president urged the body to suspend Israel’s membership until it establishes separate Jewish and Arab states and Palestinian refugees' return.
The exchange was a rare bout of public disagreement between the two close allies.
Netanyahu’s critics and many Democrats want Biden to pressure Netanyahu to abandon his controversial attempt to weaken Israel's judiciary rather than cozy up to him.
Israel's prime minister paused his plan to overhaul Israel's judiciary after the country's top union called a strike that shuttered Israeli embassies, hospitals and government services.
The workers threatened to paralyze the economy while protesting against the prime minister's plan to overhaul the judiciary.
Yoav Gallant called for a halt to the Israeli prime minister's planned overhaul of the judiciary that has fiercely divided the country.
The request intensifies a brewing showdown between the prime minister's government and the judiciary it's trying to overhaul in a widely-opposed plan.
The Palestinian prime minister said Bezalel Smotrich's remarks were “conclusive evidence of the extremist, racist Zionist ideology that governs" Israel.
Palestinian medics in the West Bank say one man was killed and four others injured in what appeared to be the worst outburst of settler violence in decades.
Israeli's returning prime minister is expected to usher in the country's most conservative regime ever.