Bernie Sanders

The senator said Friday that “this wholesale slaughter” of Palestinians "makes my stomach turn" and urged the U.S. to stop funding it.
Our Revolution, founded by the independent senator from Vermont, is telling Michigan voters to spurn Biden in the state’s Democratic primary.
Sanders told The Guardian he was sure Trump would use his office to punish his political enemies, if elected again.
"The taxpayers of the United States must no longer be complicit in destroying the lives of innocent men, women, and children in Gaza," the Vermont senator said.
The Vermont senator is rejecting calls for a long-term truce, and he made it clear why.
An additional $10.1 billion in "unconditional military aid" to Israel would be "irresponsible," the senator from Vermont said.
The president previously called the idea a “worthwhile thought."
The Fox News host found common ground with the progressive senator over the GOP playground antics at the Capitol.
The Vermont senator stepped in when tensions boiled over between GOP Sen. Markwayne Mullin and labor union leader Sean O’Brien.
The Oklahoma senator tried to start a brawl with labor union leader Sean O’Brien during a committee hearing after the two traded ridiculous insults.