Bernie Sanders

The Vermont senator outlines his agenda for the Senate health, education, labor and pensions committee -- and explains why he thinks it can become reality.
The Vermont independent said he believes part of why the Arizona senator left the Democratic Party is because her constituents lost faith in her.
“I don’t want to make a judgment for him ... but I assume that he would want to reevaluate it," Faiz Shakir said.
The Vermont senator said it's "hard" to understand how Republicans can be a working-class party if they don't support paid sick leave.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) opened up about the challenges of working with a Republican party drifting away from reality.
With Democrats' control of Congress teetering, the president has traveled the country to turn the midterms into a choice between two visions for America.
With midterms looming, framing abortion as primarily a social issue ignores the economic reality of tens of millions of people — and the country as a whole.
Mass unemployment is a bad way to tame inflation, Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and others argue.
The senators sent a letter asking the FTC to oppose the $25 billion deal, calling the two grocery chains “anticompetitive and antiworker.”
"Is the abortion issue important? Yes. But we have also got to focus on the struggles of working people to put food on their table," the senator said.