Bernie Sanders

Biden won 16 of Hawaii's delegates while Se. Bernie Sanders, who dropped out of the race in April, will take eight.
"Our job is to differentiate the senator from his opponents on the issues — not through personal attacks," an agreement sent to delegates says.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has formally withdrawn from the Democratic race, still hopes to generate support for his populist agenda.
The 48 lawmakers, activists, union leaders and academics will work to craft a compromise Democratic policy platform.
It's the "worst moment in American history maybe since the Civil War," he declared, revealing how his supporters' coronavirus stories were too painful to read.
A new report outlines how the former vice president can start winning over Bernie Sanders’ most loyal demographic.
State officials canceled the primary due to concerns over the coronavirus after former Vice President Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee.
The former vice president took 77% of the vote.
It would cut banks out of the process and offer relief to businesses of all sizes until the coronavirus crisis is resolved.
The former Democratic presidential candidate has accused the board of denying “voters due process" and the "right to vote."