Bernie Sanders

Sen. Markwayne Mullin's outburst causes his colleagues to erupt in laughter.
Brandon Johnson has begun his first term leading the nation's third-largest city, which will test the ex-union organizer's ability to turn proposals into solutions.
The right-wing podcaster claimed the Vermont senator, whose uncle was killed by Nazis, was "as Jewish as a ham sandwich topped with shrimp on lard bread.”
The proposal sets a new goalpost for the labor movement, which previously rallied around a $15 minimum wage that Sanders now says is insufficient.
“You do that, I think Biden is going to win in a landslide," the Vermont senator told CNN's Dana Bash.
Sen. Bernie Sanders says he is forgoing another presidential bid of his own and endorsing President Joe Biden’s reelection.
“If you’re gonna sign up to do these jobs, show up,” said Rep. Ro Khanna, who was one of the first lawmakers to call for Feinstein's resignation.
While Democrats attacked Starbucks' ex-CEO in a hearing on union-busting allegations, GOP senators came to the aid of the famously liberal company.
Howard Schultz, whose personal fortune is estimated at $4.3 billion, told Sanders that calling him a "billionaire" was "unfair."
The senator laid into Schultz for Starbucks' aggressive response to a union campaign.