Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and worker advocates say the president can save the benefits if he wants.
The senator and Rep. Pramila Jayapal are introducing legislation modeled after President Biden’s campaign proposals.
An Amazon executive attempted to mock Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is traveling to Alabama to meet with Amazon employees who are pushing to unionize.
After Dave Clark defended the behemoth's labor practices, Twitter users responded by sharing articles about how Amazon treats its workers.
Top Senate Democrats will huddle on Tuesday in an attempt to unify around a path toward hiking the federal minimum wage.
Veteran political aide Bill Dauster came out of retirement to pass some of Democrats' biggest policy priorities.
The Vermont senator slammed Major League Baseball for cutting 40 minor league teams.
He kept Democrats united on a $1.9 trillion bill he called “one of the most progressive pieces of legislation — if not the most progressive — in decades.”
Sen. Bernie Sanders tried to force a vote on the proposal, which died on procedural grounds.
Twitter users applauded when the senator emphasized the plight of young singles "who want to socialize, want to date."