Bernie Sanders

The president previously called the idea a “worthwhile thought."
The Fox News host found common ground with the progressive senator over the GOP playground antics at the Capitol.
The Vermont senator stepped in when tensions boiled over between GOP Sen. Markwayne Mullin and labor union leader Sean O’Brien.
Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) almost came to blows with Sean O’Brien during a committee hearing after the labor leader called him out online.
The Oklahoma senator tried to start a brawl with labor union leader Sean O’Brien during a committee hearing after the two traded ridiculous insults.
Sanders called Israel's right wing “extreme” and “racist" while asking for a humanitarian pause on military action in Gaza.
Amo, a Democrat and the son of West African immigrants, is poised to become the first Black person ever to represent Rhode Island in Congress.
There are four main Democratic contenders in the close race to succeed former Rep. David Cicilline.
The third-party presidential candidate also called Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez progressive "window dressing" for an otherwise moderate party.
The Vermont senator won grudging admiration from Fox News for a brusque interview he did with the conservative network.