A neighbor said she saw the alleged assault outside her window.
Gideon Swartzentruber was initially only sentenced to probation.
About 10 states remain with no law against bestiality on the books.
The sheriff maintains that the man "Fully intended to carry out his perversion."
"It was a flippant comment that should not have come out of my mouth."
(Reporting by David Schwartz; Editing by Daniel Wallis) A flurry of emails and telephone calls then followed between Crawford
I will offer one backhanded defense of the Danes. Denmark is the original home of the Little Mermaid, and she was pretty hot. So if you believe in mermaids and consider them animals, I can kind of see why you might want bestiality to remain legal in case you ever happen upon a flippered femme fatale.
Prosecutors also said that text messages on Driscoll's phone showed that she had sold four ounces of marijuana for just over
Oliver Lown, 28, pleaded guilty to criminal charges relating to the videos in 2012, according to the Mirror. He was placed
Last night, Senator Thad Cochran pulled off an upset of sorts, by defeating his Tea Party primary challenger in the rematch atmosphere of a "top two" runoff election. His chance of victory had been seen by many (at least before the election results began coming in) as increasingly unlikely -- which is why the political world is abuzz over what just happened down in the Magnolia State.