Betsy DeVos

The education secretary is set to visit a Catholic elementary school in Pennsylvania that has an explicit anti-trans policy.
An investigation has been opened after a Black employee's African statues were reportedly beheaded.
“Literally 160,000-plus people cannot move on with their life because of this non- decision by Betsy DeVos,” said Alicia Davis, a plaintiff in the suit.
Teachers went on strike in February over a bill they opposed. A few months later, they face the same fight.
Federal investigators found fewer than 100 emails on government matters sent to and from the education secretary's personal accounts.
Speaking before a crowd of teachers on Monday, Warren described her past as an educator and promised to make a teacher the secretary of education.
The education secretary reflected on life in the spotlight and said the media used her "as clickbait."
“What Betsy DeVos did that I so object to and find disgusting is she rescinded civil rights policy and cherry-picked racist research to back it up.”
In two weeks, the president walked back moves made by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Treasury Department.
The CNN host couldn’t get over the education secretary’s “epic non-response” to questions about cutting money for the Special Olympics.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' proposed budget cuts were already unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled House.
Advocates say a proposed end to federal funding for the Special Olympics was merely a small part of an anti-disability budget.
Democrats see “abortion as the cure for Down syndrome,” Matt Wolking tweeted as the Trump administration moved to stop federal funding of the program.
Senators grilled Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on her proposed budget cuts to the Special Olympics and special education grants.
The proposed cuts have almost no chance of passing Congress.
A DOJ official said the hope is that the Marshals offer security for Cabinet members "better and at the appropriate cost.”
Critics say the bill would divert resources from public schools. Betsy DeVos says that's "fake news."
“I hate knowing she is using my words to further push her agenda," says educator Jed Dearybury.