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SPRINGFIELD - It seems everyone is mad at the state of Illinois. And one of the hottest is Danny Chasteen, who in July won
White House advisor Valerie Jarrett was tasked by President Obama with trying to kill a controversial income tax perk used by the "wealthy and well-connected." Yet she made a killing on a Chicago real estate deal by enlisting the same benefit.
Even with all the news of the budget stalemate coming out of the General Assembly, the Better Government Association's Andy Shaw wants Illinoisans to remember that not all new developments out of Springfield this spring have been bad.
Chicago Public Schools has its fair share of problems, and after the resignation of former CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett following questionable contracts and a federal investigation, Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association wants to see CPS take steps to right its ship.
There have been so many important topics in the news this week that many Illinoisans might have missed the details of one of state's most far-reaching stories this week.
With a national conversation surrounding concerns about police brutality taking center stage, the Better Government Association's Andy Shaw examined where such issues come from when they happen in Illinois.
Schock has come under criticism for possibly improper use of taxpayer funds on dinners, hotels, private jet flights and even concert tickets. The Better Government Association's Andy Shaw took a look at how Schock, a rising Republican star, fell out of favor. His ailment is not unique, says Shaw.
Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek shared her thoughts on the issue: In another corner of state government, the Better Government
It's something we voters almost got for ourselves this year. A massive citizen initiative called Yes for Independent Maps
Four years after Illinois' fiasco with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's impeachment and trial, Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association says the state has learned from the ordeal. Reforms have been implemented to limit conflicts of interest, stop contract abuses and combat a general culture of corruption.
Ever since Illinois rewrote and bolstered its Freedom of Information Act in 2010, government officials of all stripes have done their best to chip away at it. Such is the case with a bill vetoed this year by Gov. Pat Quinn.
Illinois pensions are in trouble. Everyone can agree on that. But not everyone can agree on how to fix it.
The 2014 Illinois statewide election is only days away, and the Better Government Association's Andy Shaw wants Illinoisans to think very carefully about their candidate choices before they vote. He says the state needs informed, responsible voters to make Illinois great.
The future of Illinois' governance is up for grabs, and with it come answers to questions about what could happen to the state's income tax, minimum wage and pension reform efforts. But Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association cautions voters from getting too caught up in the drama of it all and to focus on the issues.
From Shaw: Why? Because, with so many FOIA requests slipping through the cracks for so long, CPS has to be doing this purposely
Until May 1, taxpayers in Evanston supported two governments -- the city of Evanston and Evanston Township. Evanston became a case study in government consolidation when voters decided in March that one Evanston government was enough and dissolved the township as a legal entity.
Consolidation won't be easy, though, say government watchdogs--various state commissions have offered some ideas and the
Even when consolidation isn't the best option for a particular arm of government, politics shouldn't be the driving factor in deciding not to consolidate.
In July, The Better Government Association sued the Illinois High School Association for denying a Freedom of Information
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