Big Surf

Earth porn, surf porn, ocean porn -- all rolled into one incredible film.
Mick Fanning's mother said the ad "brings back a lot of trauma for everybody who has been attacked by a shark."
Post 50
"It started out as a streak, went into a quest, and now it's some sort of mission."
Good News
The first World Adaptive Surfing Championship is pushing the boundaries of the human body.
Every surf break may be different, but the line up of characters you meet is almost always the same. The question is: Which one are you?
If you're wearing a Kingii and find yourself struggling in the water, a simple yank of the lever on your wrist releases a
Further proof of these athlete's badassery can be found below: During the week-long competition, the world's best female
The World Health Organization considers superbugs, or bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the "single greatest challenge in
The budget for moving our family to Honolulu was tight, judging from the tiny cottage we rented and the rusted-out Ford Fairlane
Despite the dangerous conditions, Falter said he'd rather shoot photos from the surf than sit on shore. In the water, "I
"It's the dream place to live," he added. There's one neighborhood in Hawaii, above all the other magical places, that never
For Mark Healey, a Hawaii-based big wave surfer, freediver and spear fisherman, it's about feeling alive. "You have a certain
Below, for the first time in history, HuffPost Hawaii presents Little’s best wave photographs, RANKED, starting with number