Big Surf

"It started out as a streak, went into a quest, and now it's some sort of mission."
The first World Adaptive Surfing Championship is pushing the boundaries of the human body.
Every surf break may be different, but the line up of characters you meet is almost always the same. The question is: Which one are you?
"If you're on land and you crash your bike, you might scrape up your knee," he said. "But if you make a mistake in the water
During the week-long competition, the world's best female surfers dominated 10- to 15-foot surf like it was no big deal, with
Researchers have taken the war on superbugs to a surprising battlefield -- surfers’ butts. Specifically, their rectums. The
The budget for moving our family to Honolulu was tight, judging from the tiny cottage we rented and the rusted-out Ford Fairlane
The ocean can sometimes awaken into a powerful, angry force that sends most people toward land. "I've been held underwater
There's one neighborhood in Hawaii, above all the other magical places, that never fails to impress. "The North Shore brings
Healey, who's been called the next Laird Hamilton, stays under water for exactly three and a half minutes in the video, but
Little also takes pictures of water, but he’s known for his wave photographs because of his unique take -- one thumb out