Plural marriage of the polygynous variety is patriarchy on crack.
In states that have legalized marriage for gays and lesbians, the only change in those contracts was the genders. A few pronouns were switched, but when gay couples marry, everything else still works exactly the same way.
So the next time you think about marriage, think about what sort of arrangement might just be solemnized next? Now, according
When a story sounds too good to be true, it usually is -- especially around this time of year. But when Christmas carols fill the air and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, even the hardest-bitten reporters can let their guards down for a real whopper.
Stenehjem also found the man would not be committing a crime in North Dakota if he filled out the application as "single
The rest of Utah's bigamy law remains intact under the ruling, so only individuals who fraudulently obtain multiple marriage
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) declared that the Supreme Court's ruling against the Defense of Marraige Act means laws against polygamy and bigamy are no longer justifiable.
Without revealing too much of the plot of Sweet Land of Bigamy, I will say that it is a true blessing to live in a time, and a country, where a woman, even in fiction, could marry two men and when found out, not immediately led to the gallows.
A year ago tomorrow, I was released from more than two months of secret detention. Police told me today that they have lifted
Back around the same time that Newt suggested an open marriage to Marianne, my ex made a similar request. Only he wanted the other woman to move in with us, which, if you ask me, is taking the idea of open marriage to a whole new level.
Authorities charged Tucker with bigamy, making false statements and theft by deception. Cobb County sheriff's deputies investigating
Prosecutors do not suspect Custalow married the women for money. Instead, they believe he was too lazy to file for divorce
Investigators uncovered Richardson's alleged double life while researching a domestic violence injunction he filed against
The couple lost touch when he was posted away and they separated but never divorced. Horne, a former glamour model, went
Kim set out to find about him. But her search through birth, marriage and census records reveals that, far from building
Stop debating whether or not gay marriage will open the door to polygamy and bestiality, and understand that marriage is an ever-changing arrangement to meet individual, social, cultural, and religious needs.
The Today Show did a piece this morning on the reasoning behind Fundamentalist Mormon clothing. They invited two former Fundamentalist
In elaborate polygamy fantasyland, the idea of a haircut can keep a sheltered wife in line. When the elders of YFZ Ranch